Thursday, March 5, 2009

Do we have company? The kind that never leaves?

Mike and I love watching Ghosthunters. Wednesday nights were always exciting at the apartment because we would have both Ghosthunters and Lost to entertain us. Sometimes Painter would join us and we would all be freaked out by both.

When we moved into the bungalow we noticed some odd noises and occurrences. Rational thought tells us the closet door upstairs opens because the latch isn't too tight and the floor is crooked. So when you walk across the wood, the door pops open. Rational thought tells me the noise I heard in the attic crawlspace was a bat flying around -- not an exhuman banging on all the walls, even if my penchant for zombie movies makes me think otherwise. Rational thought tells us the "door knocking" noise we hear is next door when we are upstairs and think we hear someone knocking on our door only to run down there and no one is around. Rational thought tells us the kids Mike heard laughing were somewhere in the neighborhood, he just couldn't see them out the window.

Rational thought is a wonderful thing, isn't it? Hopefully I can get rational thought to convince me that the pretty map of Antigua you see below on the wall in the Antigua Bathroom pictures didn't fly off the wall due to paranormal activity.

Mike and I were sitting upstairs on Tuesday night. It was around midnight. We were channel surfing and talking about Antigua and how much we would love to be there right now (it's almost been a year since we were there last). We were discussing people we met and love there and how we would like to see them again. All of a sudden there was a very loud crash. At first I thought something had flown into and shattered one of the beautiful old windows in the stairway on the back of the house. Both of us sat there for a second staring at each other. Mike swore he heard someone run down our stairs. We finally got up the nerve to investigate and there was the framed map of Antigua upside down on the toilet as if it had flown off the wall. And shattered glass was scattered all over the small bathroom. Yikes.

Rational thought tells me the Command Adhesive picture hanging strips weren't enough for the not-so-heavy frame. But I don't know ... it just seems too eerie for rational thoughts.

Wednesday nights aren't as entertaining. I love ghosthunters, but you won't catch me watching it alone anymore. And you won't catch me watching it during a week Mike is gone for an extended time. Since it is March Madness, Painter may have to move into the spare bedroom this month so we can get our ghosthunting fix.


I'm amazed at what some paint and accessories can do for a place. Looking at these pics gets me excited to do more work on the house.




Monday, March 2, 2009

The Antigua Bathroom

Mike was away for a few days covering our beloved basketball team (in sunny Tampa) and I decided to do some more painting. Shhhhh ... he doesn't know yet. Hopefully when he gets home this afternoon he will be pleasantly surprised by the Lime Rickey (bright green), Tangerine (orange) and Dragon Fruit (hot pink) colors of our Antigua Bathroom.