Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Like a Tree in the Wind

We came home last Thursday evening (May 26) to find a neighbor's tree partially in our yard. A harsh storm swept through Morgantown and left many trees toppled in its wake. There was even a huge beauty beside Stewart Hall on the main campus that met its maker.

Our little mess is not a big deal really ... except it is completely blocking the alley behind our house.
Lilo was on the scene to try to take care of business.

The job proved to be a little tough for her, so she just ran around and played in the brush instead.

Of course we called and reported it to the city. And of course the tree was still there when we came back to town on Monday evening. Not sure what to do with it now ... we do have a couple of friends with chainsaws. In the meantime, Huck Finn will have some fun with it.