Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Everything's coming up roses ... and some Lilo highlights

The rose bush in front of the porch bloomed and it is pink! We also have a bunch of crazy wild roses growing on both sides of the house. And some peonies, too!

Lilo was also outside much of the weekend and enjoyed playing with Mike and me. She is just too cute:

Here she is laying on Grandpa Al's adirondack chair.

Lilo has a favorite spot in the yard when it is sunny and hot. She likes to lay under the Catawba tree on the hill and observe the neighborhood.

Here she is smiling with daddy.

Mike swears she uses this leaf as a disguise over her face while she is pursuing her prey.

A girl's gotta eat. And what's better than eating out of doggie Fiestaware?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Meet Lilo!

We are pleased to introduce Ms. Lilo Ruebea Casazza. (That's like "Ruby," only it stands for Rue McClanahan and Bea Arthur.)

Blanche Deveraux would definitely approve of her pink scarf. Not sure Mike does, though.

You may think she looks a little different from the puppy picture seen here before. That's because Lilo is that puppy's sister. The previous puppy made a run for it and was never seen again, so we decided to adopt her sister.

Lilo is a sweetie. So far she has been enjoying chewing her froggie toy and chasing scents in the backyard. She is not a big fan of her leash (even though it is a cute hibiscus Hawaiian print) and she is still getting used to the idea of her crate.
Here she is in the car ride home. She found the most comfort lying on top of me.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Media Room

The flat panel TV has been on the wall for a few months. It is now accompanied by a nice shelf, courtesy of IKEA, Mike and Jay.

Mike and Jay cut a hole in the wall inside the closet to the left of the TV to gain access to the attic and the wall behind the TV. They installed the shelf (making sure it is attached to studs) and deftly concealed all electrical chords. A few decorative touches later, and voila!

Now, if only someone would paint that darn paneling we would have a nice looking room!

Short Street in Bloom

A nice Saturday on Short Street begged for the camera. Enjoy! We certainly are!

Red azaleas (and one bright pink one) line our front porch. A jubliant "Welcome" flag blows in the breeze.

What is the name of this flower growing in front of our porch? I have no clue, but it's cool.

Hostas, Lilies of the Valley and a yellow flower (no clue, I'm not a green thumb) are abundant on the left side of the house.

Hot pink azaeleas are on the right side of the house. They remind me of Grandma Annie.

This is the rose bush in front of the porch. I think they are going to be either pink or red. Can't wait to see!

Mike is proud of the garden he made along the garage wall (in the first picture of the gardener above). We both enjoy mowing the lawn ... we just hate cleaning up the trimmings.