Saturday, May 9, 2009

Short Street in Bloom

A nice Saturday on Short Street begged for the camera. Enjoy! We certainly are!

Red azaleas (and one bright pink one) line our front porch. A jubliant "Welcome" flag blows in the breeze.

What is the name of this flower growing in front of our porch? I have no clue, but it's cool.

Hostas, Lilies of the Valley and a yellow flower (no clue, I'm not a green thumb) are abundant on the left side of the house.

Hot pink azaeleas are on the right side of the house. They remind me of Grandma Annie.

This is the rose bush in front of the porch. I think they are going to be either pink or red. Can't wait to see!

Mike is proud of the garden he made along the garage wall (in the first picture of the gardener above). We both enjoy mowing the lawn ... we just hate cleaning up the trimmings.


  1. Coffee + lawn mowing = bad idea.

  2. Hey Mike, You always told me you went to college so you could pay someone to cut the lawn.

    Glad yo see you got some experience somewhere. Sure wasn't back in Va


  3. The purple flower growing in front of your porch is columbine - will have to continue my researc on the yellow one ;)

    we must play in your gardens soon - very excited!! :)

  4. Could your house be any cuter?! Just wondering. ;-) The first pic of the front of the house with the flag blowing in the breeze should seriously be in a magazine. Love it!