Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pondering the roots of our ceiling

I daydream a lot about the perfect Crafstman style bungalow. Ours is a representation of it, but of course, not my dream. Those who know me know I suffer from that horrendous "the grass is always greener ..." disease. Our bungalow is wonderful, but couldn't it be slightly bigger? Couldn't it have a dining room with a built-in buffet? Couldn't it have a staircase in the front of the house with bookshelves built underneath? Couldn't it have more windows? Blah blah blah ...

In my musings I look for ways to improve our bungalow and bring it up-to-speed with its roots and style. I try to forget about the painted wallpaper walls because they really are OK for now. Instead, I want to look for future projects for Mike and me, the kind that have their own line item in a budget (i.e., "Ceiling").

Look at this image from a Mission style bungalow, circa 1920. I found it from this site:

Ignore the beatiful light fixture hanging over the dining table. We have no space for that. But notice the ceiling's beams. I love them and think we can do something similar in our living/dining room. The plaster is quite old and cracked, so it needs to be redone at some point anyway. And I would be more than happy to get rid of the horrendous ceiling fan currently taking up residence there.

Check out this modern version of a similar ceiling as well as its light fixtures:

I'm convinced something like this, but on a much smaller scale, can be accomplished in our living/dining room. But we need to get the additional kitchen cabinets hung and the basement room framed out before thinking about a ceiling and it's ceiling fan that are not giving us any problems right now.

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