Friday, April 10, 2009

Small additions

Apologies for not blogging for a month. So much is going on with the little yellow bungalow! We have to figure out how to have nice flower beds and hanging plants. We need to acquire a lawnmower (that's in the works). And we started painting the awful, awful paneling.

The table below sat in my parents' house for at least the last 20-25 years. When I was a wee one, my dad refinished it/built it and I can remember telling him it was my table. He agreed. Now it sits in our house. It makes me happy every time I look at it. (Notice the seasonal pair of bunnies sitting on it ... so exciting to decorate for the holidays!)

This new artwork was acquired through the Mon Arts Center. A local stained glass artist (his name has slipped my memory, I will have to upate with it later) created it and was so perfect for our living room we had to have it. I won it!

More updates to come. Hopefully it will not be another month. And I look forward to blogging about our upcoming small addition to the bungalow -- it has four legs!
Happy Easter!

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