Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bored and in Need of Enlightenment

In hopes of fixing our living room ceiling sometime when the weather is warm enough to open our windows and Mike is home to help, I've been daydreaming about lighting in there.
I like this guy a lot:

That is the Tarlton Semi-Flush ceiling light found at Linens-n-Things. I like him. But Mike still wants a ceiling fan (help me talk him out of that). 

I also like the Inglebrook:
This one is also found at Linens-n-Things.

If we MUST keep a ceiling fan, then this could be an option:
This big guy is also at Linens-n-Things.

While we are on the subject of lights, I want this one for our back porch. It is on sale at Linens-n-Things, too. It suits the style of our home AND it has a motion sensor for those nights we park in the garage and come in the back door. No more failed attempts and finding the right key.