Friday, January 23, 2009

The day we did not close

We had the utilities put in our name at the house, starting today. The utilities at our apartment are back in our landlord's name starting today. BG Al and Momma Jo were coming up with the truck as were Jeremy and Jennelle and their big pickup. We were to close at 3 pm today.

Did we?



So this lady and her husband owned the house back in 1941. She died in 1957 and he apparently remarried. The guy and his new wife sold the house in 1963. No survivorship clause has been found from the original wife and so the lawyer isn't certain there are no heirs to the house. This means there could be someone out there who decideds to come claim his/her house. Which means he/she could walk up to the front porch, ring the doorbell we have yet to buy and install and say, "Get outta my house."

So we're (patiently?) waiting to hear what the next step is. Our contract expires next Thursday. Hopefully something can happen before then. Didn't I already point out nothing is ever easy?

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  1. luckily, this became a "look back at this horrifying, heart-wrenching sucker punch and laugh" kind of thing. right? you can laugh any time now. congrats on the close and good luck with the move!