Friday, October 22, 2010

Have I really not blogged during my favorite month?

It makes me sad to see that the last blog entry was Sept 24. I love October and its pumpkins. I need to kick it in gear and get some bloggy times for the Bungalow. Wait til you see the awesome pumpkin MIL Marie made for Mike and me. Oh, and a project that began last December is shaping up quite nicely. I haven't made mention of it here because it has been a very slow process. Hopefully there will be a big reveal soon.

Until then, check out the new home of our friends Jess and Brett. Isn't it pretty? My fave part is the arch window above the door. Jess used some punkin decorations we picked up last weekend to make it festive. Check out the wooden pumpkin with their last name on it located bottom right. CUTE.
Not to be outdone by Jessica's pumpkin cuteness, Courtney has a little pumpkin flair of her own on her front stoop. I'm jealous. Both gals purchased their decor at Pennsylvania's Annual Christmas Arts and Crafts Festival. We went on Oct 17. It was a blast!

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