Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy monograms to me, happy monograms to me ...

Pottery Barn's White Sale just happened to be close enough to my birthday to pull the ol' "I'll treat myself to birthday goodies" trick. Lucky for the Bungalow.

Everyone knows a good Southern Belle loves a good monogram. This Southern Belle is no exception. It was sad to walk through the Bungalow and not find one tiny monogram anywhere. Oh, there are always plans in the works, but the ones featuring monograms have yet to come to fruition. The Pottery Barn White Sale has taken care of this calamity.

Our new boudoir pillow:

It's actually more customary to put the lady's initial first. But I bucked tradition and went the other way. I liked mCe better than eCm. I don't know why. So there is the only reason we weren't quite as traditional with our monogramming.
And check out what the "Outer Banks Bathroom" downstairs is rockin' these days. Two of these lovelies:

Both additions make me want to sit on my front porch and drink the sweetest of iced teas.


  1. do have nice chairs to sit in out front. A a little table to hold it all!

  2. gotta love the birthday presents to ones self.