Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Home Decor ideas for 2009

We spent the weekend with Mike's family in Manassas (wonderful times ... as always). While there, Mike and I found some treasures in Old Town Alexandria, but the price tags were too big for our little bungalow. So we instead found inspiration for our decor for next year's Christmas.

First, the Crazy House. It's a Manassas Christmas tradition. A must see, but I don't think we will actually try to mimic it:

Don't ask why Devon has on flipflops.

I particularly like the Cabbage Patch Kids:

Took this one for dad. He likes Tow Mater:

Honey and Fruity Pebbles for Christmas Dinner? I guess if times are tough ...

Next, we have vandalism in Marie's freshly painted kitchen. I actually like this cuteness (and, it's vinyl. It will come off):

Here's a nice piece from Old Town Alexandria. It is a Williamsburg inspired fruit display. I like it, but it's probably too classy for Mike and me:

Check back later in the week for ideas gleaned from the trip to Clay. Dad has a lovely display of red lights on the hill and mom will surely have an agreeable amount of Christmas kitsch from my childhood to admire. (No, mom, that isn't sarcasm. I love it.)


  1. now that's some yard decorating. i like how the lattice fence just barely contains the mayhem.

  2. Thanks for sharing the pics..!! Tons of home decor ideas are there. I love to decorate my home.