Tuesday, December 16, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things

These pictures come from a few of my (this is Erinn) favorite details from the house. They were taken during our inspection on Friday morning.

The front porch:
I see lots of cold beers and laughs here.

Door stops:
These are throughout the house and are, I think, original to the home
Light fixtures:
The house has such an eclectic mix of light fixtures. My favorite is the one below. It is found in the front bedroom on the first floor.

The cast iron bath tub:
We aren't sure about the shower apparatus on this thing. It is quite flimsy and takes away from the whimsy of the tub. There is a shower on the second floor. We may have to make this a tub just so it is more aesthetically pleasing .... not sure yet. But it is quite the tub! Notice the knob on the right end. It says "Waste" on top of it. You pull it up to let the water out and screw it shut to hold water.

Original woodwork:
This image is of beadboard found on either side of the back door. I love it. It is also found in the closet in the back bedroom on the first floor. I imagine all the plaster walls and paneled walls have this behind them. At least I hope so. When Mike and I win the lottery we will hunt for more in our renovations. For now, i'll enjoy the little bit we do see as well as all the orginal wood trim around the doors and windows.


  1. That porch does look VERY glorious...I love a good porch and that qualifies.

    Hell yeah!

  2. Don't touch that tub! It's a classic, it'll never go bad, and you'll eventually get used to the plastic sheeting to keep the water in. They are a treasure!