Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer Notebook, Part 1

Since I forgot to blog this summer, I thought I would catch up on some of our homeowner setbacks and successes.

Gene and Marie (Mike's pa and ma) came for a visit at the end of July. They had not seen the house since we moved in and were very excited to check it out. While our kitchen's addition looks nice, it's hard to enjoy when standing in a puddle of water ... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Their first night here we all had a good laugh at Gene's expense because there was a puddle of water in the kitchen floor. We thought he had unknowingly made a mess and left it for Marie, Mike and me to find. So we giggled and wiped it up. The next morning, after washing some dishes, there was a puddle again. Perplexed, I looked under the sink. Of course, everything was wet.

We cleaned out under the sink and dried it up.

Mike and Marie got to work taking apart all of the pipes and fittings while I tried to rinse them all out in case they were blocked. Gene slumbered peacefully.

There was no blockage. But then Mike couldn't get all the pipes back together again. Marie: "Gene, dear, wake up."

The Shop Vac was brought out. Gene and Mike tried to suck whatever was blocking the drain out of the pipes. Didn't work. We go down in the basement and freak out because the pipe flows into the basement's concrete floor and beyond to only God knows where under that.

Church has to be attended and discussion of drain-o, plumber's crack and Morgantown sewage system ensues.

After church, it is decided that the pipe in the basement has to be cut in two. Gene and Mike get to to it and discover the blockage is most likely above the concrete (Whew!)

Enter the Shop Vac again. It sucked out this:

I admit, it looked like celery and onion pieces (my doing) stuck with some bread dough (Mike's strombolis). We're both guilty. Or, maybe, just me. Who knows. But we got a stern talking to from Mamma Marie on the ins and outs of using a garbage disposal.

Just a quick trip to Lowe's and Mike and Gene had the pipe in the basement back to working order. All were happy and dishes could once again be washed.

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