Friday, October 9, 2009

We need your opinions -- Part 1

The living/dining room is coming together quite nicely. I think it is best, for now, to leave the walls the off-white the house came to us with. But the question is what do we put on those walls? The next few blog posts will pose questions for our walls and nooks in the living room. I like feedback.

Let's start with the buffet wall.

What should go on the wall above our fabulous buffet? I have two ideas so far:

1. These prints, side-by-side:

2. A vintage map of the world


3. Do you have any ideas?

I really like the thought of using a vintage map of the world. That way Mike and I can sit on our little couch and map out our future adventures. But those two prints are so darling. Either idea can work on another wall in the room, too. We do have that nice print Sam gave us that currently resides above the dining room table wall (we'll get to that wall later). It can move around the room if needed. So many decisions! Share your ideas and suggestions! We'll have more walls up to think about soon.


  1. How about the photo of you and Mike (shown) blown up poster size and mounted over the boofay?

  2. You forget that people need to dine in that room.

  3. check out this site.

    Apparently, the feds sent out photograhpers all over the country to document the great depression. Since your house is from right before that period it might be kind of a nod to the house's history. You can search by state/county/town, and there are about a BAZILLION pictures from Monongalia county. Most are from the coal towns, but a few in Mo'town. I think the site is fascinating. I am going to get some pictures printed at Wal-Mart on nice photo paper and hang them in my red room.

  4. Oh.
    Click the "geographic location index" link and then choose any of the West Virginia links. It will give you the whole list from WV.

  5. My vote goes to option 2. I am a sucker for globes.