Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh Tannenbaum!

Let's begin with a little Ernest P. Worrell.

It's no secret how much I love this time of year. Poor Mike deals with me by leaving for the majority of the month. He thinks using the ol "duty calls" excuse works. But I secretly think he cannot deal with my Christmas obsessions.

So this is our first Christmas in the ol' Bungalow. It's a little overwhelming to try to figure out a new decorating scheme for a new place. And I have to say I am still missing some of our decorations simply because I either do not know where they are after the move or I do not know where to put them. For now, let's examine the Christmas trees of the house. All FOUR of them.

The kitchen tree
This little cutie is only about a foot or two tall and sits on the countertop. It is adorned with gingerbread men and little candy apples. It's cute enough to eat!

The guest room tree

After the addition of pink and decor to the guest room, a pink Victorian tree was needed for the holidays. This four foot white tree was donated by MoJo, complete with pink ornaments and Victorian figures. I remember having this tree in my bedroom growing up for a few years. It included ballerina ornaments, but those are still in Maysel.

The WVU tree

For many years (i'm talking since Christmas '98), I/we have had a WVU-themed tree. Usually this is the "main" tree (the real one), but I switched up things a bit this year. The WVU tree is upstairs in the master-converted-into-tv room.

Mom and dad started giving me these WVU ornaments every year. This year's addition features Santa in his sleigh. Cute!

The "Southern Living" tree -- as my friend, Sam, calls it

I love big, real trees. Poor Mike is allergic to real trees. He swears as long as he doesn't touch them he is fine. But I question this theory and spend most of the holiday season watching him for any signs of runny nose and sneezing. I do feel guilty, but look at this beauty!

This tree features old fabric ornaments from my mom as well as the old Martha Stewart straw ornaments she gave to me. There are strings of multi colored wooden beads I remember from my childhood. Mike's first ornament is also hung here and my first doll is perched on a branch (baby's first is still in Maysel, I think).

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