Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Resolutions to keep

Happy new year!

Mike and I sat down last night and made a list of everything we want to do to the Bungalow. We each took a piece of paper to separate rooms and individually brainstormed. It is possible the only thing we accomplished with our individual lists was freak each other out. The good news is my list was incredibly long and every item on Mike's list was on mine. Except for painting the exterior of the house. That hadn't crossed my mind. Come to think of it, I really hope Mike didn't mean painting the Bungalow a different color. I love our yellow!

We are currently in the midst of a basement overhaul that could last for years. On top of that we are still working out decor all through the house. That seems like it will be an ongoing thing. Amidst all the crazy ideas and wants (not necessarily needs), we do have a few things that should be included in our New Year's resolutions.

1. Finish the basement overhaul (man cave, storage, laundry area, work bench area, hallway, shelving, etc. etc. etc.)

2. Paint the paneling in the stairwell.

3. Build a deck! I like this idea for starters, don't you?

We don't want to get too crazy with our deck and build something that dwarfs our house. And we do want to incorporate the lay of our land and have a patio and nice landscaping. And we do want to make sure we stay within some sort of budget. Oh, and we have to figure out the city building codes and permits. This whole task seems quite daunting and I think it is safe to say we both will want/need our daddies. But nothing to do right now but brainstorm. There is too much snow flying around out there to allow for much else.

I won't go into the other numerous items on our to-do list. But installing new ceilings in the entire downstairs is on it!

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  1. deck crucial for fair weather entertaining. good to have handy dads on speed dial. factor in future rugrats in design.