Saturday, January 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Yay for the Bungalow! We have officially lived here a year (as of yesterday, Jan 29). We've come a long way from that first dinner on that first night. Mike had the bbq sandwich and I had the hotdog with cheese and ketchup from Sheetz. We giddily stood in the kitchen and ate our inaugural meal and wondered what we had gotten ourselves into. It's so much fun to read through the blog posts from the past year and see how far we've come. I try not to dwell too much on how much more we want to do around here.

We love a good holiday here on Short Street. Valentine's Day won't slip past the bungalow without a few accoutremonts. Last year's Valentine's Day was the first holiday we spent in our home and we didn't even put so much as one heart up (much to my dismay). We did spend a romantic day together painting; which was actually romantic and fun.

Moving on to Valentine's Day 2010. Check out the sweet wreath picked up at TJ Maxx for a mere $12. I tied a white ribbon around it so it could hang on our front door.

See that pillow? It was $4.99 at IKEA the day after Christmas. Sister-in-Law Devon and I both had to have one.

These coordinating tins also came from IKEA at $7.99 for all three.

Little pops of red and pink give the Bungalow a slight romantic vibe. Hopefully there will be some red velvet cupcakes in the kitchen in the near future and some tulips of any color (hint hint) hanging out on the dining table in the fiesta pitcher. I did have some lovely pink tulips there that were given to me for my birthday by my lovely husband. They have worn out their welcome and might need replaced for the holiday :)


  1. Happy One Year Housaversary! I cannot belive does the time go quickly!! This sping we plant!!! ...and I mean it for real this time ;)