Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow blogging!

Remember those cute tins we have sitting on the buffet in honor of St. Valentine's Day? They are full of these:

I was bored tonight and made some Valentine truffles with the help of some cheap champagne and Lady Gaga.

Mike was benched by the storm and stayed in Morgantown this afternoon. He was supposed to head to NYC to Madison Square Garden to cover tomorrow's noon tipoff between WVU and St. John's. Unfortunately, the Snowcalypse came along and his flights were not only canceled but impossible. I'm excited to watch a basketball game with him tomorrow, despite his travel troubles.

Things around Morgantown were laughable for most of the day because we had a lot of rain. A LOT. WVU stopped classes at 1 p.m. and actually shut down completely at 3 pm. I'm not sure I remember that ever happening in the 12 or so years I've paid attention. Around 6 pm things started to change. Friend Courtney and I went out for sushi and I really thought I would have to walk the half mile back home. Vernal (the Chevy Equinox) goes just fine in the snow, but others weren't as fortunate. And Vernal and I got stuck behind them. No pics. Stupid me didn't have a camera.

It is a little after 1 a.m. now and we have what Mike calls "two beer cans tall" of snow. Check it out:

and here is the snow sitting on the rail along the steps to the backyard:

Here's the little tree in the back yard, weighed down with snow:

Mike's rare basketball-season-freedom led him to a friend's house tonight for some tomfoolery while Lady Gaga and I stayed home to make truffles. We'll post more pics of the snow tomorrow. It's still coming down and it's that lovely heavy, wet type that is perfect for snowmen/women. It's already up to Lilo's little puppy hips. Perhaps we'll make it to a "three beer can height" snow!

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