Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow blogging, Part II

Short Street on Feb 6, 2010. Our neighbors made a snowman in the middle of the street (you can't really see it). This is funny because our street doesn't get plowed.

Here is our front stoop and a peek at the snow-covered Cavalier and street.

Our snowbunny Bungalow.

The Cavalier is going to remain parked for several days.

Yes, Mike's legs are through the seat of the chair. Our cable went out halfway through the WVU vs. St. John's game because our satellite dish froze. He was going to stand on the chair, climb the tree to the room, then climb to the top level of the roof to clean it off. Thankfully, this is as far as his plan got. He did end up with a scrape on his leg. Could be worse!

This part of our yard had 17 inches. Some parts had 14. Some had 13. We really don't know how much snow we have.

This is the view of Virginia Street. If you come out of our garage and turn right, this is what you face. At least a foot of unplowed snow.

This is a view of Virginia Street if you go left out of our garage. Notice the car in the ditch. This guy tried to come up the hill and ended up in the deep ditch. He walked home, but a towtruck later came and pulled him out.

We can get the AWD Equinox out of the garage. It's the foot of unplowed snow on Virginia Street we need to worry about.

Here we see Mike trying to save our holly tree by knocking off the heavy snow. It will most likely remain in tact.

This shows the 12-13+ inches of snow on our roof.

Lilo surveys the scene from the tunnel I shoveled for her through the yard.

Snow greetings from Short Street! People were skiing and snow boarding here, too. Who needs cars?

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  1. Damn....looks COLD!!!!!!!

    (I won't tell you I'm sitting here in a tank top right now, cuz that's just not right.)