Sunday, May 23, 2010

On the chopping block

Many elements of Morgantown seem to be on the chopping block these days. Elementary schools, old houses, greenspace, neighborhoods in general. But since this is a happy blog about our happy existence on Short Street, I won't go there. If you want to read about certain elements of what makes us crazy in our town, Sam sums some of it up over on his new blog. If you want to know more about what comes close to home here on Short Street, then give me a call.

But some elements of this chopping-block town must be discussed here. Let's talk about our lovely catawba tree. As I write I can see a few early white blooms on it and there are several birds flying in and out of it (Lilo hates them so much). But she is laying happily in the shade underneath the tree.

Powerlines are not buried in our old neighborhood, so the ugly things are strewn about almost haphazardly here on Wiles Hill. And this is why our catawba tree now looks like this:

Thank you City of Morgantown, Allegheny Power and the tree cutting company you contract that employs people who only speak Spanish. I can't thank you enough for this assistance with our landscaping (if you can't hear the sarcasm, then I can't help you).

This is what I came home to after a week of not-fun things I won't write about here all concerning our lovely town and our even lovlier street. It was almost too much to take. The good news is, after Lilo stopped freaking out about 3 strangers randomly coming into her yard and start chopping down her tree, she realized her shade is still there and it's almost as if it never happened.

Oh, to be a dog.

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