Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ramp season comes to an end, but it was just the beginning for two diners

I proudly boast I have brought a few people into the fraternity of ramp lovers. And those people have brought others into the fraternity and so on. So when April comes around and ramps start popping up in this great state, we all get a little excited. The Farmer's Market starts up in Morgantown and we have our ramp guy for a few weeks. Other than that, we must rely on other sources for the tasty delicacy. Luckily, a student in my zumba class asked her husband get some of the last of the crop out of Webster Springs just in time for Gene and Marie's Memorial Day weekend visit. The patriarch and matriarch were given their first taste of the indigenous Wild and Wonderful onion. And they loved it (at least they said they did).

That is a mess of ramps with scrambled eggs and bacon served with a side of fried potatoes. We like to use maple bacon when it is available. That is the tastiest option, but any center cut thick bacon will do.

Though optional, hot sauce really kicks up the dish. We offered a good assortment from which to choose:As an added bonus, Mike fried up a side of froglegs. Does it get any better for our guests? (I'm not a big fan of the legs, I have to confess.)

There's nothing like two happy houseguests at dinner time. And we all smelled just lovely the next day while working on the porches in the sweaty heat.


  1. I see Marie got the chipped plate this time!

  2. ALSO...
    Allium tricoccum, also known as ramps, spring onions, ramson, wild leeks, wild garlic, and, in French, ail sauvage and ail des bois, is an early spring vegetable with a strong garlicky odor and a pronounced onion flavor.

  3. Marie & GeneJune 2, 2010 at 4:32 PM

    It was a delicious meal. Please plan on us same time, same place next season!