Saturday, June 19, 2010


People who get up at 7 a.m. the Saturday after the University Chapter's golf scramble must be doing something extremely important. Or just worthwhile.

Melissa, Courtney and I took in so many yard sales today we lost count. We hit up Suncrest, Star City, Mt. Morris (drifted into Pennsylvania!) and Westover for treasures. Courtney found a white spiral Christmas tree ($1!) she has been searching for. Melissa was the winner of the day with a carload of goodies to help make he home she shares with Chris fabulous. I will have to post pictures of what we found for her in a DIY post -- some of the items need revamped.

My bounty wasn't so bad, either.

I was appalled when my coworker told me she doesn't have a rolling pin. So I picked up this one for her from a Suncrest sale for $1.

Our nephew, Hunter, may be coming to stay with us next month. I hope he does because he has the coolest bed on Wiles Hill. It was still in its original packaging and never used and it was $15. He is a superfan of the movie Cars and any type of automobile in general. It's a little pop up bed (like tailgating chairs) with a soft sleeping bag type cover. Lilo approves. Let's hope Hunter does.

I like to call this my vintage 1950s lemonade set. I bought it from nice lady in Mt. Morris for $3. She probably bought it at the Dollar Tree last year, but I'm sticking to my vintage tale. Mike and I and four lucky people will use this set for our porch. Hopefully we'll have a deck to use it on one day.

This is a Hallmark recipe card box that had a packet of recipes and empty recipe cards included. It was never used and still had its original packaging. I purchased it from the same lady as the lemonade set for $.25.

These "hairy" shade mini lamps came from a sale in Westover. I have no idea how much they cost and don't want to know. Let me just say this is what happens when you stay in the car and your friends decide you need a present. I may spray paint the bases and find some other shades to use.

This full-size mirror was $10 in Mount Morris. I love it.

This ol gal came from a Westover sale and she set me back $1. She'll hang out in the basement until October. Jealous, Devon?

Have you found any goodies at a sale lately?


  1. I am jealous of the mirror!!

  2. Girl, my mom and I went yardsale-ing Saturday as well. I got a water dispenser, that dispenses hot and cold water (our well water isn't too pleasant for drinking). I got two primitive pictures for $2 each. I got a Pampered Chef glass mixing/measuring bowl for $1. I got a WV checkers throw (brand new), Eric some pants and shorts, and much more that I'm unable to remember. But, we had an awesome day! Your finds are very impressive - mom and I need to go to Mo-town sometime!!!!