Monday, June 7, 2010

A one-year-old little lady, a rainstorm and a STEAL!

Mike and I trekked to Moundsville on Saturday for Lex Vavrock's first birthday party at Grand Vue Park. The "Vue" was grand once the rain stopped just in time for her party.

On the way home we drove directly into a "Toricane" (I think that's what I called it: tornado+hurricane = toricane). So I used that as an excuse to stop and window shop. We meandered through a ginormous JCPenney and took a nap in the garden section on a swing. Then Mike went to the restroom as I hung out in home interiors. Thank goodness he had that extra drink because I found a treasure for the bungalow.

Remember back in October when we acquired our bungalow and deliberated on what we would hang above it? Jackpot. We found this baby for $49.99 (frame, mat and print!). Plus an extra 15% off. That's right. We paid $42.50 for this (0riginally $100).

Here is our map hanging above the buffet. Notice we removed the scrollwork on top of the buffet for a cleaner line. No worries ... it is still in tact and can easily be placed back on top of the mirror if we decide we miss it.
Isn't it lovely? It makes me want to go somewhere RIGHT NOW. But I always feel that way, so nothing new.
Because she is so adorably sweet and deserves credit for our find, here is Miss Alexis Marie Vavrock, the fabulous daughter of Ashley and Thad Vavrock.

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