Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tybee Tidbits

We spent a glorious July week away from the bungalow and enjoyed some Tybee Time on Tybee Island, Georgia, as well as a couple of enchanted evenings in Savannah.
Of course a few things for the bungalow came back with us.

This fun and sweet welcome sign on the front door came from Christy's Department Store, which is beachfront on Tybee Island. Fun Fact about Christey's -- the music store scene in The Last Song was shot here. Yes. Mike was in the same building that Miley Cyrus had stepped foot in a year earlier. He couldn't contain his excitement. And that pier you see in the preview? It is right across the street from Christey's.
These two prints came from a River Street gallery in Savannah. I brought them home and found a cheap frame to showcase them in. They reside in our downstairs bathroom now. The print on the left is of the Tybee Island Light Station and the print on the right is of Cockspur Lighthouse, which is part of Fort Pulaski off of Tybee. The little boat is a Christmas ornament from Christey's that says "Tybee Island, Ga" on the side.

We couldn't come home from Savannah without some goodies from The Lady. We picked out some butt massage, mop sauce and hoecake mix from Paula Deen's shop at The Lady and Son's restaurant. I have a hoecake pan I need to break out for that mix!

I brought home a signed cookbook from Uncle Bubba's Oyster House (Paula's baby bro -- yes, I met him!), Paula's newest book on Savannah Style (also signed by her and by Bubba), and a book from Tybee called "Cottages" that features many of Tybee's perfect little havens decorated by the fantastic Jane Coslick. I purchased it at a wonderful spot called Seaside Sisters on Tybee. My book is signed by her, too! These books make me sooooo happy. Why can't I just be Paula's personal assistant?

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