Sunday, August 15, 2010

What's for supper?

Wiles Hill offers up some pretty good people. Through various activities (ahem, porch crawls organized by yours truly being some), we have come to know some great neighbors in the year and a half we've been planted here.

Mom, Mike and I decided to take Lilo over to see Diane and Jason's new cute house on the other side of the 'hood (yay!). Just as I said, "Oh, mom, you would love the lady who lives here ..." while passing a neighbor's house, out she came with a big smile on her face. "You need any tomatoes or cucumbers?" YES!

Not sure what we'll have for dinner tomorrow night, but I'm sure it will include swiss chard, tomatoes, cucumbers and a red pepper courtesy of Teresa down the street. Don't you love sweet neighbors?

We love sweet parents, too. Mine dropped in today and brought us early anniversary gifts:

That is a new Fiesta piece -- the loaf pan! And a new garbage can. You may think that is an odd gift, but mom and dad have felt guilty ever since passing off their broken, sad garbage can (read: headache) to us a while ago. They wanted to replace it with this beauty. It helps with the romance -- no more wrestling garbage bags out of the old one equals less stressful Wednesday garbage nights.

Now off to bake zucchini bread for the neighbor boys ... pay it forward!


  1. NOTE: garbage can wasn't broken when passed just had a shoe print on the front of it but the top worked...