Monday, November 29, 2010

Keep on keepin' on

I came home from doing a little Christmas shopping to find Mike lugging a ginormous old TV toward his swanky new office. When I asked what he thought he was doing he said "I need a TV working in there." It broke my heart to think of that awful, chunky TV ruining the vibe in his new space, so I made him come out to the car with me where I opened the trunk and surprised him with his Christmas present -- a month early. I really hate that he won't have that big box to open on Christmas morning, but I know he'll appreciate the streamlined tube much more during this next month instead of waiting for it. Lilo approved.

My personal shopper, a.k.a. Courtney, found a deal on frames at Michael's. So we grabbed three with mats for some Find Harri prints by Jeff Moores. These were a birthday gift from my parents last year. The artist even signed the one of the Coliseum (to "Erin" ... oops) and threw in a free print of his Backyard Brawl. It isn't being used yet -- saving it for a wall upstairs. I digress. Here they are:

The Coliseum and Mountaineer Field:

Mike swung by IKEA on his way home from Pittsburgh over the weekend and picked out a desk complete with an orange drawer. I'm told it was a little aggravating to assemble, but isn't everything from IKEA? His "new" desk chair came from Frog Pond Printery via WV Tech (correct me if I'm wrong, dad) and can probably be classified as an antique.

We'll keep on keepin' on with this basement and see where it takes us. I think his office has quickly become Mike's favorite spot in the house.


  1. I think I like your frames better than the ones I bought for my Find Harri prints. Oh well, I least I got one right.

  2. nice to see the revamped nerve center for daily mail north. (and a much more cozy work environment than the mother ship, that's for sure.) good work, guys!