Sunday, November 7, 2010

We saw the light ...

... and it was on clearance at Lowe's!

Earlier this week my love and I had a rendezvous at Lowe's for supplies for another ongoing project in the Bungalow. He shouldn't let me get there first with time to kill, especially with the Christmas retail out in full force. But what caught my eye was not of yuletide spirit. It was in the lighting department. I've had my eyeballs on this particular fixture for a year. The style goes along with the Craftsman/Mission character of our bungalow. And now it was a price I couldn't pass up.

Our boring, old light fixture in the hallway was replaced with a beautiful Tiffany style piece priced at a whopping $28.

Boring, old light:

Shining beauty:

If I had my way, we would have the larger, flush mount matching piece in the living room. But my love wants to keep a ceiling fan there, so we'll have to get a Tiffany inspired one down the road. And that's just fine with him since he was not daunted by the knob and tube wiring coming through our ceiling, circa 1924.
This post reminds me we've never addressed our hallway on the blog. If I ever finish up the few small projects I have for it, then we'll get a blog post up about the neglected middlemost part of our house. Now, with this fancy new light fixture, I have to add "paint the ceiling" to my to-do list.