Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Have you met my new BFF?

Sorry, Jennelle. There's a new act in town. Meet Daisy. She's the true girl's best friend. Who needs Tiffany & Co.?

I've coveted the never-loses-suction power of a Dyson for several, several years. My obsession began when my $50 Dirt Devil of college days behaved more like an Angel. Then one of my friends actually registered for one for her wedding back in 2005. Then our Sears model left behind way too many dust bunnies in its wake. Then my friend Dave declared of his Dyson, "Believe the hype." Many a friend has acquired one of these beasts in the past and I've quietly tried to save my pennies for my very own. After borrowing Dirk the Dyson Animal from Chris and Melissa and showing Mike the power behind it, he was sold. One 10% off Lowe's coupon, $25 Lowe's gift card and 18 months no interest Lowe's card offer later, our Bungalow had Daisy. She has been impressive from the get-go and Lilo's fur is running scared.
Mike has yet to turn her on (insert joke here). But I don't care. I like hanging out with my new BFF.