Monday, March 28, 2011

What's good for the Goose ...

My dear sweet momma had one of those milestone birthdays recently. As part of her gift, Mike and I wanted to give her a "goose lift." Sounds odd, right?

Way back in 1994 mom received a concrete goose from her friend Susane Audibert. I can't remember the particulars, but mom liked the goose or Susane liked the goose or both of them did. It has been perched by the front porch ever since. Mom has even acquired several outfits and accessories for Audi-Goose over the years (pronounced like Otie from Garfield. Otie Goose.).

Poor Audi-Goose. She started to show her age a few years back and has looked just plain bad. She needed some work.

A trip to Michael's for some brushes and Patio Paint later, we were off to Maysel to get that girl back in shape.

I first scrubbed down Audi-Goose with water and a wire brush. She had moss growing on her! Then I applied a few coats of the Cloud White Patio Paint. After using a hair dryer to hurry along the drying process, I added her eyes, beak, feet and grass. Her beak (or is it bill?) was a little beat up and somewhat chipped away, but the coat of Pumpkin Patio Paint made it look much better.

She's lookin' mighty fine these days:





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