Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lilo's View of the World -- Improved

Lilo likes to peek out the front window. She does this when we leave the house. Sometimes she does it when we come home. She does it when Thunder, the German Shepherd down the street, walks by. Her peeking has taken its toll on many of the blinds in the house. She has been most rough with the front window. We eventually got rid of the sad pieces of blinds hanging on for dear life and ended up with this neat square hole. Lilo's forlorn face poked through it every time we left her at home:

A view with blinds open:

While Mike was away vacationing, I mean, working in Miami, I wanted to try something new. I installed the Basic Blindz faux wood plantation blinds from Lowes.

 A look at the blinds closed:

 Much better. And much easier to keep clean. We have been leaving them open when we leave the house so Lilo can look right through them. It's been working well so far. But now we need replace all of our blinds. See the window on the left ... she attacked those blinds at some point, too.

We will slowly transition to the new blinds. I already have two additional sets to install. This is a welcome change because of the horrific condition of our kitchen blinds. They're just nasty. Can't wait to tackle the six foot window over the kitchen sink. Yes, I'm accepting any volunteer assistance for installation of that one!

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