Monday, January 23, 2012

Power Flower

My parents gifted me with a Pier One gift card for my birthday. When we were near Pier One that same day eating lunch I couldn't resist visiting the Pier to see if there was anything I might need. There was no intent on using my gift card ... I wanted to keep it for when there was something there the Bungalow really needed. Lucky Bungalow, I stumbled upon some wall jewelry that was 60% off!

Mike and I saw this gem about the same time and gave each other puzzled looks. Did we like it? Was it too big? It seemed we both thought the same thing. This monster might actually look cool one one of our gigantic bare walls in the stairwell. So we took a chance and I spent my gift card. All but $7 of it. And guess what ... we love our powerful flower!

The flower (I feel like I should type FLOWER) is about three feet in size. It works perfectly with our artwork hanging below it, too. We moved the downtown Morgantown print and we're still deciding on where it will be placed. We may hold off to see what other artwork goes up before committing it to a new location.

This flower (FLOWER!) demands attention. It commands so much of your eye when walking up or down the steps that now the rest of the stairwell looks extremely plain. We must work on finishing its walls.

For more perspective, look at this shot. Look how far the petals stick out! She really wants you to look at her!