Thursday, September 10, 2009

A blank slate no more

We have this huge, blank wall in our living room I've been trying to figure out what to do with. I visited a dear friend over the weekend and made a pit stop at a store called Christmas Tree Shops in the hopes of finding her new baby a "baby's first" ornament. Little did I know this store is nothing like a Christmas Mouse ... it's so much better. Instead, I found an abundance of decor to use on the Bungalow's front porch (check back soon for that fall-tastic post) as well as lots of stuff Devon might want for her favorite holiday. Among all the fiscally responsible madness (note: do not use "cheap" to describe your home decor) there were some reasonably priced frames. I came up with an idea.

I decided we needed a photo gallery in our living room. I've started our basis and there is room to grow. I felt this is a good start and we can move the frames around, add pictures and add coordinating frames if needed. For now I chose two 11x14 frames (some of our wedding pics), three 8x10 frames (Hunter, Ma and Pa X, Ma and Pa Caz), two 5x7 frames (Josh and Jess, Devon and Mike) and one 4x6 frame (lil Lilo). All of the photos have a sepia finish to complement the walnut frames. Lil Lilo's frame features a coordinating ribbon I glued on (using my new glue gun!) to add texture and depth. I still haven't found a vertical picture of Ma and Pa Caz, so that frame still has the stock photo in it.

I had some help along the way:

The finished product. The frames cost about $40 together and the prints at Walgreens were about $10. A nice little project for about $50. I'm still trying to get used to it, but I think I like it. Mike just walked in the front door and he thinks he likes it too. Lilo loves it. She told me so. Then again, I think this is the first project she has worked on.

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  1. it is lovely! i think you should paint that one wall to really set it off. nice work erinn and lilo!