Tuesday, September 8, 2009

For all you non-Green Thumbs

Early in the summer I opened several envelopes of seeds and threw them in the ground in hopes something would happen. Mike and I were not well prepared for landscaping at the new home but wanted to do something in the effort of pretty-ing it up. I diligently weeded the flower bed beside the garage and often wondered where most of the little seeds were. We had a few flowers, but not in one particular spot.

Well ... it would help to know what you planted and what those plants look like. It seems I was frequently pulling out what I thought were weeds.

Fast forward to me getting behind in the weeding. A few "weeds" became very tall. I left them. It looked better than having just dirt down there.

Please note: These are not weeds. I know this now. Hopefully you do, too.
I think it's sweet the two surviving zinnias are orange and hot pink (our wedding shades). And there are some kind of blue wildflowers there, too.

Oh, and this is not a weed:
She likes to help me clean out weeds by eating them. She's a doll.

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