Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I promised myself I wouldn't do this yet ...

I promised myself I would wait to post anything about Christmas. It's a smidgen too early. I was OK with that promise until the oddest thing happened today.

I was checking out the Vermont Country Store online and came across an old-fashioned ceramic Christmas tree. If you will recall from my Christmas decor post last year, I discussed how I would like to have one of my own because I always loved my mom's.

I didn't want to buy a tree, though, I wanted to make my own. People at my office thought I was nuts and thought I should just buy one. But I argued it wouldn't be as special if I did that. I went so far as email the local pottery place today to see if they have a mold for such a piece so I could plan on a Saturday morning there happily painting my very own ceramic tree.

Fast forward a few hours. BG Al and Mama Jo are passing through Morgantown on I-68 and call to say they want a cup of coffee. Nothing odd for those two -- they had today off for Veteran's Day and had been out and about since 9 a.m.

Their arrival was accompanied by a ceramic Christmas tree.

Isn't that crazy? I absolutely love that my parents randomly brought this tree to me on this particular day. Apparently they saw it months ago, but were on their motorcycle at the time and could not transport it. So they went back to Grantsville, MD today to pick it up (amidst their trekking today). I'm still dumbfounded by the coincidence. I don't even mind that it was purchased for me and I didn't make it. The fact they brought it to me, unprompted, and it happened to be eerily timed makes it special. And here it is ... sitting on the same table my mom's sat on for all those years at my parents' house. I. Love. It.

BG Al and Mama Jo's granddog also got a little Christmas cheer. Lilo received a stuffed pig (no pics, she already ate both ears and the pigtail) and her very first stocking!

Miss Lilo approves of her Christmas flair.

And she also thinks she is cute and wants you to think so, too:

The most wonderful time of year is upon us! Yay!! I hope to overflow this blog with holiday cheer!


  1. Wow! and who is that cute young couple in the pic beside the cute ceramic tree???

  2. My mom has one of those trees as well that she painted. Must have been the "in" thing.

  3. If you want your own, you can come with me to paint one at the WOW! Factory. They emailed me back and they do have the trees -- in two sizes! I still want to make one!

  4. It's not too early. I started listening to "Classical Christmas" on Pandora last week b/c it's a little more subtle and I don't want to annoy my co-workers yet with Alvin and Chipmunks fare that I'll be playing after Thanksgiving. My mom has one of those trees, too.