Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not quite what I hoped for, but maybe better.

Today started off with a trip to the WOW! Factory in an effort to create my very own Christmas decor. Even though I contacted the Factory earlier this week to make sure my desired ceramic tree was there and they confirmed it was, there were no trees to be had this morning. They were fresh out.

I pressed on and created two Christmas gifts. I can't discuss them at length here because I never know who might read this ... just know I made them for some special gals. We'll see if they are worth giving to anyone after they are glazed and fired. I'm crossing my fingers.

What I did learn today is that the ceramic Christmas tree I want to paint is quite expensive, so I'm glad today turned into a test run for it.

Tara took pics of us with our creations, but I have none to post. Courtney made the sweetest kitty treat jar for her two kitties, Captain and Morgan. Katie made the cutest little stocking ornaments for her fiance, Art, and for herself. Erin made a "Merry Christmas" plaque and a fun little Christmas tree ornament. And Tara was the bold one and created a cut glass tile with a flower design as well as a ceramic picture frame. Three hours flew bye. That's what happens when you're having fun.

I get to pick up my creations in a week. In the meantime, I'm planning what to make next, along with my tree. I'm thinking a mirror with a mosaic frame will be perfect for our living room.

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