Monday, March 1, 2010

Warning. This one might make you think Mike is sweet.

My husband is awesome. Sometimes he pays attention to me. And sometimes he actually pays attention to me during basketball season. I know. All the ladies just swooned.

Remember back in November when we started messing around with the guest room? Mike paid attention. Fast forward to January 9 when WVU played Notre Dame in South Bend. No, I'm not going to talk about the outcome of that game. I'm going to talk about my husband. He had some free time in South Bend. While walking around town he came across a storefront with an item that caught his eye. He walked in and asked if he could buy it.

WVU may have lost, but I won! This was Mike's birthday gift to me.

How cool is it that he found the exact dress form I was looking at for the guest room? And how cool is it that he walked into a quirky shop and asked them to box it up and ship it to Morgantown for his wife's birthday? If that's not romantic I don't know what is.

Take note of the print on the right. It looks very "Home Interiors" because it actually is a Home Interiors print. Miss Whitney, or "my boss" as I call her, gave it to me when she saw my ideas for this room.

As for the rest of the room's decor, it's a work in progress. The little print below was a Christmas gift from the fabulous in-laws and the Eiffel Tower was a day-after-Christmas cheap-o find at Pier One (I confess. Sometimes I buy myself things there.)

These prints were purchased online sometime after Christmas. I was inspired to get things on the walls. The one on the left is a French advertisement for hairpins. The one on the right is, noticeably, an advertisement for perfume.

The Vogue print below is somewhat disappointing. The online store didn't have the one I originally purchased. This one was a consolation prize I got for free when I agreed on the hairpin advertisement print above. Two for one! Score! Notice the little white dress form on the chest of drawers. That was a TJ Maxx find from Melissa.

The room still needs some finishing touches. And, well, don't forget I still hate the ceiling, trim and light fixture. But it's coming along nicely a little at a time. Maybe for my next birthday my wonderful romantic husband will install a new ceiling, ornate crown moulding, and a white chandelier light fixture (hint hint).

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  1. My Dear, I would very much enjoy observing my grandson accomplish the tasks of installing a new ceiling, ornate crown molding and a white chandelier. It promised to be quite amusing.

    Love, Grandmama