Monday, March 1, 2010

A Sunflower in the Snow

The weather is warming up around these parts. The temp has hovered in the mid 30s lately and next week should be better. I snagged a deal a week or so ago in the midst of all our snow and grey skies that brightened my day and our living room.
While shopping for Devon's Bridal Fiesta I couldn't hold myself back from Pier One's incessant pleading for me to walk through her doors. I can't help myself. I love that store. It's rare I buy anything for myself, but I always have to take a look around when I'm close by.

In the never ending quest to fill up our living room walls (you can read about that here and here) I was eyeballing Pier One's sunflower mirror. At $50 it wasn't a bad deal. But the Bungalow could wait a bit longer. Imagine my glee when I saw it on clearance for $29.99. Not sure why because it is $39.98 online. Maybe it was mistagged? No questions were asked as I paid for the Bungalow's new jewelry.

Our mirror sits above my special table in corner of the living room. Doesn't it look spiffy?