Thursday, April 21, 2011

For when the feather boas are in use

I mentioned an art project in the works for the antique glass knobs now hanging out in our hallway. Although I have yet to create the three monogram-themed prints I've talked about doing, I did come up with a temporary solution. So the three white frames and white ribbon I've had since the week after we moved in are finally being put to use! But, like I said, it's temporary because I'm not 100% in love with what we have.

We have three pretty monograms showing some love for Mike, me and our last name. I'll admit I yanked these from a Web site I won't mention here. It doesn't matter because I won't be keeping them up long, right? The C is slightly bigger than the other two, but I don't think the difference is dramatic enough.

In closing, I hope you don't love these too much because I sure don't!

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