Friday, April 22, 2011

Stairway to painted paneling heaven

This post lacks a lot of before pictures. I thought I took them. But I guess I hated our paneled stairway so much I avoided pointing the camera toward it. The following is all Ican find. It shows when we painted the paneling in the upstairs hall and TV room (long time ago!). You can see a glimpse of the stairwell.

None of this matters, though, because look at it now!

The first picture shows the same angle as the before shot, just from farther back inside the TV room. You'll notice the two recently hung prints on the wall, too. These are two more of my Find Harri prints discussed in the basement hallway/room reveal. The smaller print seen in the other two pictures is an original piece by Annie Morris Simco. Yup, I have a print of one of her pieces, Almost Heaven, hanging in our living room. I have grand plans for including more of her work in our stairwell -- those are some big walls to fill! But I have to save my pennies for more originals like her Wildflowers piece.

As for painting ... this was a beast. I started it way back during basketball season while Mike was away. I finished it April 20. But it's not even finished. There are some corners and trim that still need some love, I'm just having a hard time reaching them. This took two coats of Killz primer (we had it) and two coats of paint in Lyrical Yellow. We didn't have enough of that, so I ended up buying another gallon. We have half a gallon left, so who knows what I'll paint next.

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