Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sweet dreams are made with this

Last weekend Mike and I found ourselves wandering around Star Furniture looking for a sleeper loveseat small enough for his basement office yet big enough for a full size bed. That's not an easy find. What we did find was a cloud, I mean, a mattress. I have been begging Mike for years to get a new mattress. All it took was getting him to lay on the perfect one and he was sold. Star Furniture's deal helped out his decision, too.

(warning: The following the pictures are of horrible quality. Poor Mike had to use his cell phone because I'm stupid and didn't leave the camera for him or batteries for his camera. I'm sorry.)

So here's our old, flat, pancake of a purple mattress. Mike purchased it in 2002 when he rented his very first adult apartment. He's always been attached to that thing ... who knew he was so sentimental. He loves to tell the story of how the guy in the shop in Westover recognized the young sports journalist and gave him a discount on his mattress set for his celebrity. I, on the other hand, have always hated it. Recently, I have loathed it. So have my ribs and my hips and my lower back.

Look how flat that thing was!!! And it is sitting on risers to make it taller/give Lilo space to hide under the bed.

Now, feast your eyes on this beast, I mean this Restonic memory foam beauty.

Lilo approves of this height (with risers) because she can sneak under the bed.

Unfortunately for Lilo, using the risers just won't work. Look at this! We would need a ladder to get in and out of bed and The Original Grabber to put a glass of water on the nightstand.

So Mike removed the risers and made the bed. Our new mattress fits better now and Lilo is quite miffed because she can no longer crawl under the bed.

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